Polishing powder for calcareous materials and agglomerates

A4 YELLOW is a high performance polishing powder for any type of marble or agglomerate, including the most “difficult” ones, such as marble-resin compounds. Its special formulation has been developed to quickly produce a high vitreous thickness. Compared to other powders of FABER “A” series, this powder also provides a greater vitreous look and a much more shiny surface seen against the light, even on poor materials with difficult areas to be polished. The product reacts with the material providing an excellent sheen and a good resistance to traffic marks and stains. It does not contain any waxes.

Faber polishing powders can be used successfully both as an alternative to the finishing process of traditional mechanical polishing, and also to restore the shine on worn surfaces in case it is not possible to intervene directly with a mechanical polisher. They can also be used to maintain surface shine on a regular basis.

Suitable for

Agglomerate cement-marble

Agglomerate resin-marble